Relocation services

Relocation services

  • We assist with anything needed to make the move as smooth as possible. Corporate relocations is what we do. We work with HR teams and their employees to make sure a well-managed transfer can be realized with the minimum disruption of time consume for both expat and employer.

  • A SPOT-on company that is able to assist you at all stages of your move to the Netherlands, starting before you leave:
  • • Check list for documentations and legalizations, where applicable
  • • Removal service
  • • Immigration Assistance for EU- and non-EU citizens
  • • Work permit
  • • Residence permit
  • • Car import

  • You are on the right SPOT, if you found SPOT Relocations to assists with settling into the Netherlands:
  • • Finding you a good (temporary) accommodation
  • • Registration at the Town Hall
  • • Apply for your BSN (citizen service number)
  • • Apply for 30% income tax ruling
  • • Set up your bank account
  • • Check rental contract
  • • Organize utilities
  • • Set up telephone, TV and Internet access
  • • Exchange driver’s license
  • • (Private) Dutch lessons
  • • Personal insurances
  • • Leaving the Netherlands (de-registration from all kinds of organizations, forwarding mail, etc.)

  • Settling in your children / family matters
  • We make sure that your child(ren) will be in the SPOTlight, we can provide you with the following services:
  • • Find and register day care
  • • Apply for child benefits
  • • Register at (international) schools
  • • Send an overview of activities for your children in your new neighborhood

SPOT Relocations
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