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    You have come to the right SPOT if you are looking for a personal and
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    A SPOT-on company that is able to assist you at all stages of your move to
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    You are on the right SPOT, if you found SPOT Relocations to assist with settling
    into the Netherlands

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    You are on the right SPOT when looking for a new home
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Settling in

Settling in

You are on the right SPOT, if you found SPOT Relocations to assists with settling into the Netherlands:
• Finding you a good (temporary) accommodation
• Registration at the Town Hall
• Applying for your BSN (citizen service number)
• Applying for 30% income tax ruling
• Setting up your bank account
• Checking rental contract
• Organizing utilities
• Organizing telephone, TV and Internet access
• Exchanging drivers license
• (Private) Dutch lessons
• Personal insurances
• Departing (de-registration from all kinds of organizations, forwarding mail, etc.)

Settling in your children / family matters
We also make sure that your child(ren) will be in the SPOTlight, we can provide you with the following services for them:
• Finding and registration day care
• Applying for child benefits
• Registration at (international) schools
• Overview of activities for your children in your new neighborhood


SPOT Relocations
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The Netherlands

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Covid-19 is turning our world upside down! Despite this extraordinary situation, we want to make you aware that SPOT Relocations remains at your disposal. We will provide services as usual and will guide you with all immigration and relocation related matters.


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